Hair Transplant options in Canada for men and women with hair loss or hair loss looking for a good hair replacement solution.

Canada’s conditions can be very conducive for both non-surgical hair replacement systems in addition to surgical hair transplant procedures for men and women with hair loss or various hair conditions.

For individuals in Canada, if you want to have your personal natural growing hair back having a cosmetically acceptable improvement in your hair density, the best approach is probably hair transplant procedures.

Hair Transplant in Canada

While products for example topical minoxidil and Propecia hair loss pills can decelerate the progress of hair loss and even generate promising small to moderate regrowth in some cases, hair transplant is most likely the only option that can give a cosmetically noticeable improvement for most people. That’s assuming you want natural growing hair and not really a wig or hair system.

Why Travel to Canada For Hair Transplants?

Hair transplant surgeons Dr. Jerry Wong and Dr. Victor Hasson have formulated a reputation for expertise that draws a following of devoted patients from the 3 countries to their hair restoration clinic, Hasson & Wong in Vancouver, B.C. Saying a lot about the surgeons’ skills as well as the company culture.

Workers are Former Patients

“All of our male workers are former patients,” said Hasson, We’ve gentlemen who have been through the hair transplant process and have devoted their lives to dealing with us in this field.”

Large International Following of Patients

Nearly 80% of the patients are international, some traveling from as a long way away as Miami, New York, London, Spain, Australia, Italy and even Libya to obtain their surgeries performed by these two renown surgeons. According to Hasson, 90% of the surgeries are for hair loss and 10% for female-pattern baldness.

Technique and Faster Time for you to Desired Results

Another feather in their cap is the surgeons’ capability to get people to their goal in fewer sessions than other clinics. Sessions are surgeries where some hair, called hair grafts, is transplanted from elsewhere in your head to fill in baldness.

7000 Hair Grafts in One Session

“Dr. Wong did 7,000 grafts in one session,” claims Tillman, “That’s uncommon for other clinics, and in the end don’t do that every day, we are the only clinic which has the experience to do sessions like this. Both Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong perform such size sessions on the fairly regular basis.”

International Recognition by Peers

Hasson and Wong have both been guest speakers and guest surgeons for many international conferences. “We do live surgeries to go over and display the physical technique at the conferences,” said Hasson, “There are watching people and we have a closed video.”

Seek information

According to Hasson, patients can search on the internet and view the work of various doctors and compare their try to other doctors. “It becomes super easy for a patient to find the type of doctor that they want according to the kind of results they’re seeing under that physician.” He explained.

Cost of Sessions

According to Hasson the prices for hair transplant surgery in Canada are about the just like in the United States. As an elective surgery, the price is not covered by insurance. The clinic is attracting medical tourists according to quality.

Canada is home to a number of the world famous hair transplantation doctors or clinics for example Hasson & Wong, Dr. Robert Jones and Dr. Alvi Armani. They are all very reputable and well-established names in the hair transplant community.

When it comes to hair transplantation, the the fact is in the results. Try to find a hair loss doctor that has a long and established track record of consistent results. To discover the patient statistics and reviews of published results and find out how your doctor’s work rival other doctors in the world.