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Kidney transplantation improves the longevity and quality of life for many patients with end-stage renal disease. As a result, when people have irreparable kidney problems, they often consider a kidney transplant to continue to live “normal” lives. Kidney transplants can be extremely expensive, and you need to get all the facts about them before determining if a kidney transplant is a viable option for you. A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure performed to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from another person. The kidney may come from a deceased organ donor or from a living donor. Family members or individuals who are unrelated but make a good match may be able to donate one of their kidneys. This type of transplant is called a living transplant. Individuals who donate a kidney can live healthy lives with the remaining kidney. Check out the mentioned below kidney transplant hospitals and center where highly experienced surgeons, nephrologists and pathologists Ready to give you better treatments, are:

Kidney Transplant Centers, CA

Keck Medical Center of USC

Kidney Transplant Hospitals

Kidney Transplant Hospitals

The Kidney Transplant Program at the USC Transplantation Institute is part of the multi-organ transplant program at Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles. The transplant program is considered a Center of Excellence for Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna Life Source, Humana, Interlink, Optum and Medicare, which ranks it in the top 10 percent of all transplant centers nationwide in quality.Keck Medical Center of USC in Los Angeles is one of the few medical centers in the country to offer “bloodless” transplant surgery, involving several procedures that forego the need for transfusions during surgery.

Kidney Transplant Center at Riverside Community Hospital

The Kidney Transplant Center at Riverside Community Hospital has been serving patients in Riverside and Southern California since 1996. During that time, center has performed life-saving kidney transplants for more than 525 patients in state-of-the-art facility. The interdisciplinary team provides education, exceptional care and the very latest treatments for end stage renal disease (ESRD). For patients with ESRD, a renal transplant is a life-transforming event. To help ensure a successful transplant, the skilled professionals at our center perform a thorough evaluation of each patient to determine if transplant is the best treatment option in each case.

St. Joseph Hospital Kidney Transplant Center

All patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) are entitled to evaluation for transplant candidacy at St. Joseph Hospital Kidney Transplant Center. You or a loved one may be referred by a physician or a dialysis center. You may also refer yourself. Each patient is evaluated individually to determine candidacy for transplantation. The first responsibility is to recommend what is best for each patient. In some cases, patients’ conditions may be worsened by attempts at transplantation. However, for many patients, transplantation can offer a higher quality of life for a longer period of time.The St. Joseph Hospital Kidney Transplant Center has a history of tackling surgical and medical challenges, often accepting patients turned down by other centers. The center has programs for transplantation of sensitized patients and those who are ABO blood type incompatible with their donor. Our transplant success and patient survival rates, among the highest in the nation, are a testament to the expertise of our skilled surgeons and highly qualified staff.

Connie Frank Transplant Center at UCSF

The Connie Frank Transplant Center at UCSF provides care for patients seeking pre and post kidney and pancreas transplantation services. Patients requiring a kidney transplant suffer from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and are in the fifth stage of the disease. Patients needing a pancreas transplant suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. Usually patients needing a pancreas are also in need of a kidney transplant.Established in 1964, UCSF has performed more kidney transplants than any other hospital in the world. As a major transplant center for the West, UCSF’s kidney team evaluates about 1,200 patients a year as potential transplant candidates.

UC Davis Medical Center Program

UC Davis Medical Center was rated among the top hospitals in the United States for kidney transplantation by a leading, independent health-care ratings organization.The medical center’s Kidney Transplant Program was one of only two recipients in California, and one of just 10 in the country, to receive a Kidney Transplant Excellence Award from HealthGrades, a Colorado-based firm that analyzes publicly available data in order to rate hospitals and their programs based solely on clinical outcomes. “The numbers tell the story and reflect the high quality of entire kidney transplant program,” said Richard V. Perez, professor of surgery and director of the transplant program. “the team of surgeons, nurses, nephrologists, donor coordinators, pharmacists, dieticians and social workers provides a full range of transplant care, from initial evaluations to all the clinical support after surgery.

Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program in San Diego

Since its inception in 1990, Sharp Kidney and Pancreas Transplant has become a leader in organ transplantation, boasting one of the highest survival rates in the country. The center has performed more than 1,400 successful kidney transplants for patients suffering from chronic renal failure. The center also perform pancreas transplants and simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants. Almost all pancreas transplants are done to treat cases of Type 1 diabetes and it’s typically reserved for those who have serious diabetes complications.