Mexico is among the top international centers for kidney transplant surgery. Kidney disease patients can get affordable & low cost procedure surgery by experts, nephrologists and ultra-modern hospitals without waiting in lines.

Are you looking for best and affordable kidney transplant surgery options? Don’t go anywhere. Mexico is the best medical tourism destination for kidney transplant. Mexico is among top international centers for kidney transplant surgery. Kidney disease patients can get affordable & low cost procedure surgery by experts,nephrologists and ultra-modern hospitals without waiting lines.

Popularity of Kidney Transplant in Mexico

How mexico is gaining fame for kidney transplant. A kidney transplant is a very expensive affair in the united states, with base prices beginning from $100,000. As a result, it is out of reach of many people, especially those people who are not insured. This is the reason why increasing amounts of people are going abroad, to countries like India and Mexico for renal transplant. Not only would be the rates lower than that in the United states, mexico provides superior treatment in the form of kidney transplant experts and personalized services. And patients must bring their living donor with them.Renal transplantation undoubtedly changes your daily life for the better. However, it will have a few risks (though rare) and needs your dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Successful kidney transplant hospitals should have a very good nephrologist, cardiothoracic surgeon and urologist.

About Waiting Times and Cost for Kidney Transplant in Mexico

Visiting for Kidney Transplant Surgery In Mexico

Kidney transplant in mexico

What you think about waiting times in mexico medical centres of kidney transplant? In the United States, every patient who needing a kidney transplant is registered using the United Network of Organ Sharing. As matching donor organs with recipients is crucial, transplant waiting times within the U.S. can vary from a couple of months to several years. Similarly, U.K. and Canada, too, have long waiting lines but medical tourism destinations like India and Mexico offer top quality and quicker kidney transplants, at lower costs.

Renal Replacement & Peritoneal Dialysis in Mexico

Mexico is struggling to gain a location among western world; however, there are lots of socioeconomic and health problems still waiting for resolution. While Mexico has the twelfth largest economy in the world, a big portion of its population is impoverished. Remedy for end-stage renal disease – 377 patients per million population; is dependent upon the individual’s access to resources such as private medical care (approximately 3%) and public sources (Social Security System: approximately 40%; Health Secretariat: approximately 57%). With only 6% from the gross national product used on healthcare and many treatment providers being public health institutions that are often under economic restrictions, it is really not surprising that lots of Mexican patients do not receive renal replacement therapy. Mexico is still the country with the largest utilization of peritoneal dialysisin the planet, with 18% on automated PD, 56% on continuous ambulatory PD, and 26% on hemodialysis. Results patient morbi-mortality, peritonitis rate, and technique survival in Mexico are similar to other countries.

Angeles Health System, Mexico

Angeles system in Mexico featuring the most advanced medical technology for kidney transplant surgery. Angeles Health is Mexico’s Largest Private Hospital network, serving more US and Canadian patients than every other international hospital network on the planet. With 22 hospitals, and US based case management, you can be sure you’ll be looked after from the first inquiry through to coordinating any after care when you return home.

Centro Médico Nacional de Occidente, IMSS – Guadalajara Mexico

A total of 1,356 kidney transplants continues to be performed within the Hospital de Especialidades del Centro Médico Nacional de Occidente, IMSS, in Guadalajara Mexico, including 935 previously 8 years. This represents an important increase of this activity in mexico. Of the total transplants, 1,218 (90%) were from living donors and just 138 (10%) were from cadaveric donors, a number we hope to increase. Most recipients were teenagers, with an average age of 31 years old. The entire one-year graft and patient survival rates for living-donor kidney recipients were 90% and 82%, and for cadaveric kidney recipients they were 80% and 70%, respectively. Acute rejections took place 17% and chronic allograft nephropathy was diagnosed in 7% of own kidney transplant recipients.

Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico

In Mexico, multiple organ transplants like kidney transplant usually are not a common occurrence. However, the organ transplant team at Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico is considered the most experienced on the planet. Visit this to get best kidney transplant surgery.